Medication Management

Chronic fatigue, lethargy, debilitating worry, uncontrollable anger… these are common issues that people to seek counseling, but there are times when it’s too hard to communicate clearly, too difficult to focus. It may feel as if your brain is even blocking your ability to learn and gain insights, keeping you stuck in thoughts and behaviors that make life more painful.

Directions Counseling Group is known for providing exceptional counseling therapy; however, there are times when talk therapy may not be enough. Because of this, we have added a medication management component to our practice.

John Bova is a Psychiatric Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP).  A CNP can do many of the same things a psychiatrist can do including diagnosing mental illness and prescribing medication. Because John has also served as a counselor, he understands the value of being present with the patient, the significance of talk therapy and the importance of developing therapeutic goals. John works closely with your therapist to collaborate treatment so you can see progress and embrace the future that lies ahead.

Medication may not always be the best form of treatment, but when it is an option, we want our clients to get the best services available within a time frame that gives a client hope of seeing progress quickly.  Call today to learn more.