Anger Management Group


While anger may initially seem to serve as an empowering and useful force, left unchecked, it can grow into a habit with a high price tag. Unrestrained anger can do great damage to the relationships we value the most – relationships with an intimate partner, our children, neighbors, friends, co-workers or employer. Inappropriate expressions of anger not only affect us socially, but also emotionally, financially, spiritually, and even legally.

The following are signs that an anger management evaluation may be appropriate:

  • A pattern of saying harsh things to others that you regret later
  • Receiving warnings or disciplinary notices at work reviews
  • Repeatedly losing your cool in traffic
  • Finding yourself regularly day-dreaming about revenge or harming others
  • Receiving a legal charge or warning that involves a lack of control over anger
  • Learning that co-workers don’t like to work with you because of your temper
  • A pattern of  romantic relationships ending after heated conflict

We offer an 8-week Anger Management Group led by Kim Welsh who is a Professional Clinical Counselor and Certified Anger Management Specialist-II. This group is frequently used by individuals seeking to satisfy a court order but is also utilized by those who want to get a better handle on dealing with anger in various contexts such as work or family. Anger management explores, addresses, and attempts to resolve the issues that promote problem anger.

8-Week Anger Management Group Topics

  • Anger triggers & cues
  • Anger control plans
  • Anger / aggression cycle
  • Changing thinking patterns
  • Assertivness
  • Resolving conflict
  • Anger and the family

Interested individuals can set up a one-on-one evaluation to determine if our anger management group or individual counseling is more appropriate. If interested in the group you can enroll directly by calling an intake coordinator.

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