Anger Management

There have been sitcoms and motion pictures that poke fun at anger management issues, yet in the mental health field, we realize this is a very real problem for a number of people.  In and of itself, anger is simply an emotional state that varies in intensity for different people at different times.  It is a natural feeling that is instinctive in many ways, based on how we were raised and how we perceive situations.  Physiological and biological issues arise if we allow our anger to control us, or if we try to suppress or dismiss the anger that needs to be felt and addressed.

In addition to anger management assessments, classes and one-on-one counseling, we offer a variety of services for adults and children who struggle to control their anger.  Services include:

Anger Management Assessments for Adults  – Brian Davis, Ryan Smith, Kim Welsh 

Anger Management Class – Kim Welsh

Couples Dealing with Anger Problems 

Anger Management For Kids  – Michael Bayda, Susan Bourquard

Anger Management Specialists: