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Teenage Sexual Behavior

Though the average parent would wish it could be delayed, teens are becoming more aware that they are sensual and sexual beings.  Sooner or later they will experiment just as teens have throughout history.  Unfortunately though, we live in a culture with an abundance of sexualized media outlets and casual sex is often the unquestioned norm. And of course the internet now provides a virtually infinite number of sexual “experiments”, as close as your son or daughter’s cell phone. Experimentation is one thing, jumping off a cliff is quite another. Sadly, many teens won’t recognize a cliff until it is too late.

Directions Counseling Group can help the teen who is caught up in a trap of repeated sexual behavior that is self destructive.  We can also help parents who aren’t sure how to respond to the discovery of a teen’s poor choices involving sex.

We assume that you as the reader are a parent. If you think your teen has a problem, there are two basic scenarios that make a world of difference in your chances to help them.

Scenario 1:
If your teen is in a moment of clear thinking and asks for help we recommend you seize the opportunity quickly.  She or he needs to talk to someone they can trust as soon as possible. Teen’s acknowledging a need for help can quickly change their mind – hoping everything has “blown over”. Teens also give counselors and adults in general a very short amount of time to earn their respect. We will seek to help match your teen up with the counselor that is likely to have the most appeal to your child.

Scenario 2:

If your teen has been “caught” or is in the middle of some awkward consequences but doesn’t see a problem  the situation is quite different.  As parents you may want to consider some evaluation and planning with a counselor by yourself before requesting or requiring your teen to meet with a counselor. Coming to counseling with your teen in a moment of panic, pressure, shame and guilt can backfire. At the same time, a wait-and-see approach can also have a very bad outcome.

Regardless of the scenario you are in, we can help. A neutral and empathetic environment is a good place to start. Call us for more direction for you or your teen.

Teenage Sexual Behavior Specialists: