Broken, messed up, dysfunctional, hurting… if these are words you’ve used when describing your family, we can help. Trying to understand what is normal can be confusing, and feeling like you’re just giving up may feel like failure. Let us help during this difficult time. We offer a range of family services from single meeting consultations, to interventions, to extended family therapy.

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Recognizing you have a problem is the first step to healing. Taking the leap of faith to make a call for help is the second step. If you feel parts of your life are lived in isolation and you are tired of keeping secrets, call us now for a confidential consultation to learn how we can come along side you and help.

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Sometimes the best counselors are simply not the closest in proximity. Sometimes the issues you face are keeping you from leaving your home. If you have web access and need a special assessment or counseling assistance, we will make ourselves available to meet you via webcam.

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Relationships are left reeling after infidelity, addictions and/or abuse. Sometimes one person just wants to give up and throw in the towel, while the other wants help. If this is what you’re facing, you need a counselor who specializes in relationship crises to help couples renew hope and restore relationships.

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Whether you are mandated by the court or your employer to seek an assessment or you just want to talk to someone about your situation, we have drug/alcohol and anger management specialists who are trained to know the difference between an incident and a pattern, provide professional reports, and develop intervention plans to help their clients move in a more positive direction.

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Most parents bring their children into counseling with the question why? “Why is he acting this way?” “Why would she do this?” Although we’ve all been children, we cannot fathom what is going on inside a child’s head. Every person is created to feel, think and act differently and trying to get to the heart of the issue may require specialized training. Our counselors are here to provide both the parents and the children a safe place to talk about problems, learn new ways to communicate and cope with the challenges they face in today’s society.

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