Online and Phone Counseling

Directions Counseling Group offers electronic counseling services, or e-therapy, online via webcam or by phone for convenient and ready access. While our home office is in Columbus, clients in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton use our online and phone services to save travel time and fuel costs while still gaining access to a therapist that specializes in their area of concern. Current local clients may also periodically choose our online and phone services. Meeting online is private and easy to use; a computer and a webcam are the only equipment needed. Our administrative staff is happy to assist you if you need help getting started.

Online or phone counseling may not be appropriate for every individual or situation. Our client relationship coordinator will speak with you about your specific needs, help you choose the best counselor and determine if e-therapy is appropriate.

For more information about e-therapy, choose a link below or call our office at 614.888.9200.

Online & Phone Counselors