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Adoption Therapy in Columbus, Ohio

Adoption is a lifelong journey that is unique in how it affects adoptees and their family members. While adoption is a beautiful way to build a family, it is built on loss for all members of the adoption triad: adoptee, birth parents and adoptive parents.

Counseling for adoption issues requires a specialized knowledge, training and skill-set. In addition to finding a therapist who is well-versed in treating issues such as abandonment, attachment issues, depression and low self-esteem, you want someone who has a heightened sensitivity to the adoption process.

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Counseling in the adoption realm includes therapy and support for:

  • Prospective and waiting adoptive parents who require testing and mental health counseling prior to being qualified for adoption
  • Couples who have suffered infertility and pregnancy loss
  • Adopted children who are struggling with complex feelings and needing a place to express their feelings safely and have them normalized
  • Adoptive parents who need assistance with parenting skills or insights into adoptive children and their siblings
  • Birth parents who have chosen to relinquish a child for adoption and are experiencing grief, guilt or any other emotions that are making it difficult to navigate through life
  • Adult adoptees who are considering search and reunion with their birth families or experiencing challenges in relationships or difficulty through transitional times

The goal of counseling families with adoption experiences involves strengthening the relationships as well as providing support, encouragement and healing to promote relational well-being.

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We are pleased to offer adoption counseling from an insightful and uniquely trained social worker who has over 15 years of experience in the adoptive family process. Our hope is to help strengthen the sense of self and comfort in relationship for those individuals and families who’ve experienced adoption.

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