A man in a state of contemplation receives support for bipolar disorder at a therapeutic facility in Columbus, Ohio.

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Bipolar Disorder Therapy

When behaviors are feeling out of control and you feel you’re on an emotional roller coaster, there’s a possibility you’re experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder. The unpredictable mood shifts seemingly come out of nowhere and are unprovoked resulting in significant distress and sometimes hefty consequences. The mood can range from periods of being extremely energized, irritated, or impulsive to periods of sadness, hopelessness, or indifference.

Though not curable, there is hope. Bipolar disorder is manageable when integrating counseling and medication. Medication management is commonly the first step to setting you up for success due to its ability to reduce mood shifts. This then allows you to follow through on the counseling strategies that are introduced, helping you feel a greater sense of self-control. Thoughts can be challenged, experiences can be processed, and self-awareness can be achieved.

If you, or someone you know, are experiencing mood shifts that have negative consequences, we would be happy to help you on this journey to self-care and empowered living. Call today to schedule your first appointment.