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Blended Family Therapy Columbus, Ohio

Approximately 1,300 new step-families are formed everyday in the United States.  Sixty-percent of those will end in divorce, usually within the first two years of marriage. Not surprising statistics, considering the unique struggles facing the blended family.

Common Stresses

Common stresses typically faced by blended families can include:

  • Financial stress and complex child support problems
  • Difficult step-sibling relationships
  • Loving the spouse but not his/her children
  • Court custody and visitation battles
  • Difficulty merging household rules and responsibilities
  • Value differences between merging households
  • Polarized parenting roles with new spouses ex
  • Great difficulty with what goes on at an ex-spouse’s house

There’s more for your family

While blending families is challenging, it is not impossible.  Whether you are nearing the blending of families, recently married or have been in the process for an extended period of time, we strongly we strongly recommend you find a counselor experienced in this area of work.

Taking the time to do this may represent an additional time and expense. However, we challenge and encourage you to consider putting your new marriage and parenting relationships at the top of your priority list.  In the long run it may help you beat the odds and allow you to keep and thrive in the marriage and family you have dreamed of having.

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