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Many suffer needlessly with depression when help is available. The personal toll of depression can be devastating, affecting every aspect of one’s livelihood: family, job, finances, friendships, and spiritual life.

You may be experiencing a depressive illness if some of these symptoms describe you:

  • Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings
  • Fatigue or decreased energy
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities, including sex
  • Appetite and weight change (not due to dieting)
  • Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism about the future
  • Chronic feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness
  • Thoughts of death, “accidents,” or considering, planning, or making a suicide
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions
  • Chronic aches or pains not due to a known physical illness
  • Significant change in sleep patterns

If you or a loved one are experiencing some of these symptoms, it is recommended that you seek professional evaluation and treatment. If you are experiencing any suicidal thoughts or impulses, please go to your nearest hospital emergency room or call Netcare Access at 614-276-2273.

Help is available and relief from depression is possible. Call us at 614.888.9200 to schedule an assessment with a counselor.

Depression Specialists:

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Family of Origin

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Family of Origin

Like it or not, our family of origin is a laboratory where we learn how to live life. The script we use to interpret ourselves and others and make sense of the world is written during the formative years when we are dependent on those who raise us. For many people, that script can range from being insufficient to deeply distorted and damaging; leaving us grossly ill-equipped to handle life.

These problems can begin to manifest in:

  • Strained, destructive or damaged relationships
  • Chronic confusion about one’s life direction
  • Self-injurious habits
  • Ruts
  • Addictions
  • Pervasive sense of disconnection from oneself, others or God

For many people these faulty foundations, family myths and messages established in our earlier years have never been examined until a roadblock, crisis or tragedy compels us to reach out for help.

Counseling for issues arising from family of origin include:

  • A family genogram (used to depict generational patterns)
  • Story telling (used to contextualize memories and reduce shame)
  • Identifying family myths, rules and messages
  • Cognitive restructuring (learning new ways to think about self, others, life)
  • Differentiation of self from the family system (finding your true self)
  • Identifying and grieving the losses
  • Rebuilding and renewal (finding the new you!)

Family of Origin Specialist:

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Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders (Adult & Child)

We all get a little funny from time to time about what we will eat, how much, and when.  However, for someone struggling with an eating disorder, food and controlling or restricting food intake become preoccupations that begin to damage relationships, mental health, and especially physical well being. Eating disorders are complex. Often people don’t understand that it isn’t just a simple preoccupation with being skinny or losing weight. Contributing factors can include brain and body chemistry, family influences, cultural influences, self-esteem, and erroneous beliefs about oneself.

If you notice some of the following symptoms in yourself or a loved one, we recommend obtaining a professional assessment as soon as possible:

    • Constant dieting on low-calorie or high restriction diets
    • Preoccupation with food that gets in the way of important daily activities
    • Obsessive use of exercise
    • Fear of not being able to stop eating once you start
    • Seeing one’s body image differently than others see it
    • Using body weight or image to determine one’s worth
    • Ceased menstruation (or never started even when age appropriate)
    • Binge eating
    • “Purging” by vomiting
    • Use of laxatives

Unfortunately, all eating disorders have serious physical, mental, and emotional risks. It is common that the individual, as well as the other family members will put off talking to a professional, which can give more time for the disorder to progress in severity. Early intervention and treatment are extremely important, and possibly the difference between life and death.  Don’t put off an evaluation if you are in doubt. Call our client relationship coordinator and you will sensitively and promptly be scheduled for a professional assessment.

Eating Disorders Specialists:

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Court Accepted Anger Management Assessment

Anger Management Assessments

If you have recently been involved in some type of conflict where police were called and an arrest was made, or you were involved in a workplace conflict, chances are good that you will be referred for an anger management assessment. In the majority of cases, the assessment is simply a part of an official due diligence process before closing a legal case or human resource matter. Regardless of the situation, we can provide you with an anger management assessment in a timely way, formatted for the court (or an employer). Our end goal is to help put the matter behind you. This may involve assisting you with helpful recommendations that are sensible, proven ways to manage anger. Most anger management assessments can be completed within one week of your contacting us. We also provide rush services for same and next-business-day needs.

Our anger management assessment process involves three steps.

  1. You complete a questionnaire designed to help your evaluator get a general idea of how you respond to everyday situations that might trigger irritation, frustration or anger.
  2. Our staff will schedule you to meet with an evaluator for a 45-60 minute interview.  This is generally done in-person if you live locally and can conveniently get to our offices. If not, we can discuss the option of doing your interview by telephone or webcam online.
  3. Your evaluator writes a professional report, which you review before releasing to the court or your employer.

 If you have a specific question about getting an employer or court accepted anger management assessment, or would like to a professional reference from a local attorney, legal or human resource professional, feel free to call (614-888-9200) or email us today ( Otherwise, you can learn more online or start an anger management assessment by following the link below.

Start your anger management assessment with us now or learn more at our assessment website

Anger Management Assessment Counselors

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Anger Management Group

anger management workshop, court mandated, columbus, ohio

Anger Management Workshop

While anger may initially seem to serve as an empowering and useful force, left unchecked, it can grow into a habit with a high price tag. Unrestrained anger can do great damage to the relationships we value the most – relationships with an intimate partner, our children, neighbors, friends, co-workers or employer. Inappropriate expressions of anger not only affect us socially, but also emotionally, financially, spiritually, and even legally.

The following are signs that an anger management evaluation may be appropriate:

  • A pattern of saying harsh things to others that you regret later
  • Receiving warnings or disciplinary notices at work reviews
  • Repeatedly losing your cool in traffic
  • Finding yourself regularly day-dreaming about revenge or harming others
  • Receiving a legal charge or warning that involves a lack of control over anger
  • Learning that co-workers don’t like to work with you because of your temper
  • A pattern of  romantic relationships ending after heated conflict

We offer an 8-week Anger Management Group led by Certified Anger Management Specialist Susan Bourquard, DMin, LPC, CAMS.  This group may benefit individuals seeking to satisfy a court order but it also benefits those who want to get a better handle on dealing with anger in various contexts such as work or family. Let our intake specialist know if you will be needing a certificate or letter for the court.

Anger management explores, addresses, and attempts to resolve the issues that promote problem anger.  Our 8-Week Anger Management Workshop Topics include:

  • Anger triggers & cues
  • Anger control plans
  • Anger / aggression cycle
  • Identifying and changing unhealthy thinking patterns
  • Assertiveness training
  • Understanding the change process
  • Resolving conflict
  • Anger and forgiveness

Interested individuals can set up a one-on-one evaluation to determine if our anger management group or individual counseling is more appropriate. Click here to find out the dates and times of the next upcoming workshop.  If interested in the group you can enroll directly by calling our client relationship coordinator at 614.888.9200 for current group information.

If you’re currently signed up to participate in this group, you can download your handouts by clicking on the password protected link below:

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Anger Management

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Anger Management for Children

As children grow, the hope is that they gain patience, learn problem solving skills and communicate their feelings more effectively. Some children struggle with their emotions and seem to only be able to express extreme anger versus fear, sadness, loneliness or jealousy. How they express their anger can be a challenge as well. We want children to verbalize their anger and embrace it as a feeling; however, when anger is expressed by destroying property, physically attacking others, or even harming themselves, there needs to be an intervention to keep the child, and others, safe.

Counseling can help children develop awareness of root causes of anger. They learn ways to more effectively discuss what they are feeling, develop problem solving skills and take responsibility for their actions. Over time, children will be able to challenge their own thinking and develop a sense of patience and self-control. In addition, parents are encouraged to explore how they express anger and use new skills, allowing them to role model new behaviors that can edify the family as a whole.

If you believe your child is struggling with anger issues, call us today.  We can help.

Child Anger Management Specialists:

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Anger Management

anger management counseling, columbus, ohio

Anger Management

The term “anger management” may be relatively new in the scope of human history but the concept of controlling one’s anger toward a productive end is as old as Aristotle.  He is often quoted as saying, “Anyone can become angry, that is easy…but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way…this is not easy”.  Not easy for sure, but Aristotle sums up nicely the end goal of a successful anger management program.

Most individuals seeking our anger management services do so for the following reasons:
  • Court ordered after a DV, disorderly conduct, or similar legal charge
  • Attorney recommended to be proactive, settle, or dismiss a case
  • Employer requiring it after a workplace incident
  • Self-referral after an incident with spouse, partner or children
  • Couples seeking help to improve conflict resolution skills
We Provide the Following Anger Management Services:
  • Court accepted anger management assessments
  • Court approved anger management classes
  • Individual counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy for individual help with anger management
  • Couples counseling for high conflict relationships
  • Counseling for parents who want to improve parenting skills

If you are searching for help, whether it be due to a one-time incident, a court order, or a pattern of losing control we are here to listen, support and help you move ahead with your life.  You can call us today at 614-888-9200 to learn more about assessments, classes, and counseling or use the links below to learn more:

For assessments, click here: Anger Management Assessments

Click here to learn more about our 8 Week Anger Management Class

For Couples Dealing with Anger Problems

Anger Management For Kids

Anger Management Specialists:

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