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Christian Counseling in Columbus, Ohio

What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling, often referred to as biblical counseling, is a specialized form of therapy that addresses a wide array of personal struggles and challenges, including but not limited to addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, and difficulties in relationships. It is deeply rooted in Christian values and principles, drawing guidance from the teachings of the Bible.

This approach integrates evidence-based psychological techniques with biblically-based principles, creating a holistic framework for addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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What are the Benefits of Christian Counseling

Christian counseling, like any form of counseling, offers invaluable support and guidance to individuals grappling with various mental or relational challenges. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a Christian to benefit from Christian counseling.

Enhanced coping skills for anxiety and depression

Coping skills play a pivotal role in managing anxiety and depression, acknowledged across both secular and Christian counseling modalities. In Christian counseling, these skills take on added significance as they seamlessly merge psychological principles with faith-based approaches.

By incorporating practices like prayer, scripture reflection, and mindfulness rooted in Christian teachings, individuals gain not only practical tools for emotional regulation and stress reduction but also a profound sense of spiritual fortitude.

This integration fosters a holistic journey towards healing and well-being, empowering individuals with resilience and a deeper connection to their faith.

Restoration for couples and families

Christian counseling prioritizes the restoration of harmony and unity within couples and families, particularly in times of conflict or crisis. Drawing upon biblical principles and effective communication strategies, Christian counselors provide a beacon of hope for strained relationships. By infusing faith into the therapeutic process, couples and families embark on a transformative journey guided by the wisdom of scripture.

Whether families are facing behavioral issues with children, substance abuse with teenagers, or the transitional phases of young adulthood, families often find hope and clarity through Christian counseling services. Through forgiveness, empathy cultivation, and deeper understanding, Christian counseling strengthens familial bonds, fostering reconciliation and enduring love.

Guidance for parents and caregivers

In the realm of parenting challenges, Christian counselors understand the importance of integrating faith into the process of raising children and can help parents navigate difficult situations while staying true to their religious beliefs. By addressing issues such as discipline, communication, and family dynamics from a Christian perspective, counselors guide parents in raising their children in a biblically-based and Christ-centered way.

Finding peace amidst grief and loss

Navigating grief and loss with the support of Christian counseling offers solace and comfort grounded in faith and spiritual wisdom. Christian counselors create a safe space for individuals to process emotions, grapple with existential questions, and find meaning in their sorrow. By embracing the promise of eternal life in Christ and the presence of God, individuals transcend their circumstances, finding inner peace amidst the storm of grief. Through this journey, Christian counseling facilitates profound healing and restoration.

Recovery for substance abuse

Christian counseling provides a holistic approach to healing and recovery from substance abuse by integrating faith with evidence-based interventions. In a supportive environment, individuals confront their addiction, drawing strength from their faith through prayer, scripture, and Christian principles. Emphasizing spiritual renewal and reliance on God’s grace, Christian counseling addresses the root causes of addiction, paving the way for lasting recovery and a purpose-driven life.

Techniques for anger management

Incorporating Christian principles into anger management techniques offers individuals a comprehensive approach to emotional regulation. By emphasizing forgiveness, grace, and self-control, Christian counseling equips individuals with practical tools for managing anger constructively. Techniques such as prayer and meditation on scripture foster personal growth, reconciliation, and inner peace.

Types of Therapy for Christian Counseling

Christian counselors often integrate prayer, scripture, and faith-based practices into their therapeutic approach, offering a unique blend of clinical support and spiritual guidance. In addition to employing conventional, evidence-based approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), they recognize the profound impact that spirituality can have on mental and emotional well-being.


Prayer becomes a pivotal component of Christian counseling sessions, serving as a means for clients to connect with God and seek comfort, guidance, and healing. Through prayer, individuals are encouraged to express their deepest concerns, fears, and hopes, fostering a sense of vulnerability and trust within the therapeutic relationship.


Biblically-based counseling often incorporates scripture into therapy sessions, offering wisdom, encouragement, and reassurance drawn from the Bible. Biblical passages relevant to the client’s struggles may be explored, providing insights and perspectives that resonate with their beliefs and values. By engaging with scripture, clients may find peace in the stories of resilience, forgiveness, and redemption found within the Bible, drawing parallels to their own experiences.

Meditation, Gratitude, and Mindfulness

Faith-based practices such as meditation, gratitude, and mindfulness are also utilized to promote spiritual growth and emotional healing. These practices encourage clients to cultivate a deeper awareness of themselves, their relationship with God, and their purpose in life. Through mindfulness, individuals learn to anchor themselves in the present moment, fostering a greater sense of peace and acceptance amidst life’s challenges.

Overall, Christian counseling offers a comprehensive framework for addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, emphasizing the integration of faith and clinical psychology to facilitate healing and transformation. Through prayer, scripture, and faith-based practices, clients are supported in navigating life’s challenges with resilience, courage, and a deep sense of God’s presence.

Whether conducted in person or online, Christian-based counseling provides a compassionate and understanding environment where individuals can address their mental health concerns within the context of their faith. Many Christian counselors are also able to accept insurance, making their services more accessible to those in need.

At Directions Counseling & Coaching, we believe in the transformative power of faith and evidence-based therapy working hand-in-hand. If you, a loved one, or colleague can benefit from Christian counseling, please don’t hesitate to call. We’re here to help you find healing and hope in your mental health and relationships.

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Questions about Christian Counseling

Is Christian counseling only for Christians?

No, it is open to individuals of all faiths or even those without a specific faith background. It respects and integrates your beliefs into the therapy process.

Will my counselor impose their beliefs on me?

A professional counselor should respect your beliefs and not impose their own. The focus is on integrating your faith into the healing process without imposing their own.

Is Christian counseling effective?

Numerous studies indicate that it can be highly effective, especially when faith plays a significant role in an individual’s life.

Is Christian counseling covered by insurance?

We have several therapists in-network with a handful of insurance companies. To learn more about fees and insurance, please visit our fees and insurance page.