A focused therapy session with a backdrop of serene woods, highlighting the process of overcoming codependency in Columbus, Ohio.

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Codependency Therapy in Columbus, Ohio

Codependency is a term popularized in the 1980’s during the growth of the of self-help and recovery movement. The term “codependent” originally applied to people who were closely involved with an alcoholic or other substance abuser.

Just as the substance user becomes addicted to his/her substance, so the “codependent” person develops behaviors in response to the addict’s behaviors. The sum of these dysfunctional behaviors is referred to as codependency.

Since its origin the term has come to be associated with an individual’s maladaptive emotional, spiritual, & behavioral response to unhealthy behavior of any kind. In our day-to-day lives we obviously are influenced by those we interact with frequently.

This interaction is a normal part of life and can be a healthy and positive influence. But if you find that your thoughts, feelings or actions are greatly determined by how another person acts you may have slipped into a codependent role in the relationship.