David Burchett, MSW, LSW

More About David – MSW, LSW

David received both his Bachelor’s Degree and his Master’s Degree in Social Work from Indiana Wesleyan University. He has worked in the social services field for 25 years.  

David’s wide breadth of experience has involved working with adolescents, adults, couples, and seniors. Throughout his career, David noticed repeated concerns from men about their sexual health and complexities of being a man in today’s society. This became an area of interest and, later, a specialization for him. In addition to sexual health, David works with men who are struggling with anxiety, depression, impulse control, or substance abuse. He has extensive experience working with veterans on complicated trauma and mental health concerns.  

David has become a staunch supporter of “helping clients help themselves” and believes the client should dictate the direction of their therapeutic process.   

In addition to counseling, David is a children’s book author and believes that children are far more capable of comprehension and emotional expression than adults credit them. 



American Association of Christian Counselors


Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Ashland Theological Seminary