DOT/SAP Evaluations

Any individual who has a positive alcohol or drug screen in a safety sensitive job under DOT rules and regulations is required to see a qualified SAP professional for an evaluation. Directions Counseling Group provides DOT compliant SAP evaluations for employees as well as consultation for employers with questions about DOT rules and regulations.

We will help employers and employees understand the specific steps of the return-to-duty process and promptly schedule the employee for a SAP evaluation.

We assess employees from a variety of safety sensitive industries and are familiar with the rule variations in each, including:

  • Airline – FAA
  • Freight Transport – FMCSA
  • Marine – USCG
  • Pipeline & Hazardous Material – PHMSA
  • Railroad – FRA

Employees with a positive screening are typically very concerned about time off duty without pay, possible loss of employment, an unsure future, and often family members who are upset.

While public safety is the central concern of the DOT return-to-duty process, we are no stranger to the process and recognize this situation can be charged with emotion.

We have helped hundreds of truck drivers, pilots and other safety-sensitive employees get their focus off of the anxiety provoking circumstances and move ahead with constructive steps to solve the problem.

* Initial DOT/SAP evaluations normally scheduled within 48 hours.