A woman in a white wedding dress contemplating her path to recovery, seeking treatment for eating disorders in Columbus, Ohio therapy center.

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Eating Disorder Therapy Columbus Ohio

We all get a little funny from time to time about what we will eat, how much, and when.  However, for someone struggling with an eating disorder, food and controlling or restricting food intake become preoccupations that begin to damage relationships, mental health, and especially physical well being. Eating disorders are complex. Often people don’t understand that it isn’t just a simple preoccupation with being skinny or losing weight. Contributing factors can include brain and body chemistry, family influences, cultural influences, self-esteem, and erroneous beliefs about oneself.

Eating Disorder Symptoms

If you notice some of the following symptoms in yourself or a loved one, we recommend obtaining a professional assessment as soon as possible:

  • Constant dieting on low-calorie or high restriction diets
  • Preoccupation with food that gets in the way of important daily activities
  • Obsessive use of exercise
  • Fear of not being able to stop eating once you start
  • Seeing one’s body image differently than others see it
  • Using body weight or image to determine one’s worth
  • Ceased menstruation (or never started even when age appropriate)
  • Binge eating
  • “Purging” by vomiting
  • Use of laxatives

Eating Disorder Treatment

Unfortunately, all eating disorders have serious physical, mental, and emotional risks. It is common that the individual, as well as the other family members will put off talking to a professional, which can give more time for the disorder to progress in severity. Early intervention and treatment are extremely important, and possibly the difference between life and death.  Don’t put off an evaluation if you are in doubt. Call our client relationship coordinator and you will sensitively and promptly be scheduled for a professional assessment.