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Families in Court

Being involved in the court system with family matters can be stressful, time consuming, and expensive but there is reason for hope. Directions Counseling Group counselors are experienced at helping families seeking services to satisfy the court….but more importantly we are passionate about helping you succeed in maximizing your relationships as a family, regardless of the past history of mistakes, heartaches, or broken relationships.


We offer numerous services needed by parents and families who are in domestic court seeking to work through new custody arrangements, school and home relocation and the host of other challenges unique to families in transition:

Our staff includes clinicians trained to work with families and children and who are accustomed to integrating court requirements from judges and Guardian Ad Litems.

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If you are having struggles with your family in some of the above areas we hope you will call us today at (614) 888-9200 to see how we can help.

Family Court Therapists

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