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Family Interventions in Columbus, Ohio

Interventions are positive, solution-oriented services we offer to help families when a loved one is struggling with an addiction, compulsively damaging behavior, or other debilitating emotional condition that is ultimately affecting the whole family.

Not all cases that are brought to us will result in an intervention.  We determine this based on an initial Family Consultation.

Family Consultations

In the initial family consultation, each person can share the story of how they’ve been impacted by their loved one’s behavior. We invite questions that help the family consider their options more thoroughly. In addition, we do a thorough assessment to determine the needs of the client and the previous approaches to treatment.

Sometimes the family gains insights and confidence to talk more assertively with their loved one. The family may decide to pursue counseling to understand codependency, addictions, or mental health more clearly.

In other cases, the family presents a scenario that is more complex or may even post a life threatening situation that requires immediate intervention. At this point, we begin planning a specific course of action that will move the individual and the family toward the first steps to hope and lasting change.


An intervention may be the most loving response someone can give to a loved one who is out of control. The family’s preparation for this process is a vital part of the success of the intervention. This is based on our belief that the family has tremendous influence because of a multitude of ways they may support the person.

Once a struggling person knows they may be jeopardizing their family support, we find that they respond more positively to the help they are being offered.

Intervention Services

Upon agreeing on a family intervention strategy, we provide the family with the following services prior to the intervention:

  • Facility placement options that will best meet the needs of the loved one
  • Expertise and practical assistance to identify the best treatment resources or facilities
  • Education about how to identify the most influential family and friends who will take part in the intervention
  • Meetings and/or conference calls to prepare the influencers for the actual intervention

While the loved one is participating in their recovery, the interventionist will stay in touch with the treatment center to make certain an effective discharge plan is prepared and meet with the family to prepare for their loved one’s transition to a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle. We find this is vital to the success of their loved one’s return into the family fold.