Anger Isn’t Necessarily Negative

Attending Susan’s anger management class helped me to learn that anger isn’t necessarily a negative emotion, but the way I deal with it may be positive or negative. I really liked this class.

Directions is our First Option

There are a lot of options for counseling services in Central Ohio. The Law Office of Brian Jones recommends Directions to all of our clients as a first option. Most importantly, the counselors are thorough from assessment to treatment plan. They take an approach which I think is unique among providers in that they treat the whole person, not just the symptom. Someone coming to them for alcohol abuse will be treated for the underlying causes of that alcohol abuse, not just put on a twelve-step plan and pushed out the door. If you’re serious about getting better, Directions is the best option hands down.

Through the Years

I met with Brian off and on for about 8 years. Great experience and he helped me develop the mental, emotional and spiritual tools I needed to succeed in life. He also helped me see my relationship with others from a very different perspective. Great experience and he’s been a great counselor through the years.

Talented, compassionate and gifted

I have worked with Directions Counseling for many years both from a personal and professional basis. As an executive coach and spiritual director there are times I find people that need real solid Christian counseling based on a deep clinical foundation. I always recommend Directions and have had positive results with my clients. They are a group of talented, compassionate, and gifted counselors who are able to help people get more healthy and happy. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking high quality counseling services.

High Quality Counseling

I and my family have seen ***** and other counselors at Directions since the 90s. I originally saw ***** for anger management and depression, and learned coping mechanisms that I continue to use and continue to share with those around me, including my employees in my role as a manager. My wife and I later adopted several older children from a background of abuse, and likewise had very successful family and individual counseling with Directions to address their struggles and how they impacted the family. I have referred many people to them over the years and continue to do so, as they have provided very high quality counseling services.

Great team!

Directions Counseling has assembled a great team of counselors with a variety of specialties. I routinely refer folks suffering from issues ranging from eating disorders, depression, trauma recovery, addiction, etc. They also provided much help when my wife and I really needed more resources for our marriage.

Life Changing

I’ve gone through several counselors and was about ready to give up when a friend referred me to one of the counselors here. My life has truly changed as a result of the help I received. Don’t give up…not all counseling is the same. I just wish I would have called them years ago. The investment I made in myself was well worth every penny.

Highly Recommended

The counselor I met with was very knowledgeable but also personable. I could tell he had taken time to prepare for our appointments. Got the results I wanted in a reasonable timeframe. Office was very comfortable and professional. Well worth the money I paid. I highly recommend this group.

Very Satisfied

I had a great experience here. Office staff was super helpful, matched me with the right counselor who didn’t waste time beating around the bush but also gave me a good balance between compassion and practical direction without being an “”advice-giver””. Very professional group and comfortable office environment. I didn’t use insurance and thought fees were reasonable for the excellent service. No complaints. Will go back again if I need to.

Friendly, Professional, and Empathetic

The staff at Directions is friendly, professional and empathetic. We have been really pleased with our experience there and would recommend their practice to anyone looking for a counselor!

All things ARE possible!

It is possible to feel better…counseling is difficult but makes life better in the long run….this place has lots of counselors to choose from and all are professional and licensed by the state of Ohio

Very Thankful

Great place. Really glad I came to this counseling group. Very professional, and very understanding.

First Time in Counseling

This has been my first experience with any type of counseling/ therapy and it has been very positive. Susan Bourquard has been insightful and extremely helpful. She has given me the “tools” needed to help me deal with and put into perspective the issues that are causing pain and distress in my life. DCG is a professional and comfortable environment, I would definitely recommend your services to others.

Amazing Healing

I have experienced amazing healing and have made tremendous progress in my emotional and psychological functioning through my sessions at Directions Counseling. I am very thankful for your services, particularly your Christian value, prayerfulness, and God-centered approach.

Grateful for Compassion

I am so grateful for my experience with Directions Counseling. Susan is compassionate, gentle, and knowledgeable. I feel like I can be 100% honest in my counseling sessions and don’t feel pressured to meet a certain expectation of therapy.