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License Reinstatement Evaluations

It is easy to take our license to drive for granted. But once lost, we realize how much our daily lifestyles depend on our ability to drive.

Individuals who have received an alcohol or drug related legal charge may lose their driving privileges for a considerable time period and getting your license reinstated can be a complex, frustrating and time consuming ordeal.

Most states require individuals seeking reinstatement under these circumstances to obtain a professional alcohol and drug assessment as an initial step in the reinstatement process. This type of assessment must be conducted by a professionally licensed or credentialed person who can ethically and legally diagnose substance abuse disorders.

We offer license reinstatement substance abuse evaluations online and in-person for individuals seeking reinstatement from many states.

Since each state’s motor vehicle division sets its own standards for the reinstatement process, we will review your state paperwork and advise you of the time and fees involved for your situation.

We recognize that legal charges of impaired driving encompass a wide range of situations – from individuals who are chronically impaired and not ready to drive to individuals who have been arrested and lost their driving privileges for circumstantial reasons only and do not pose a threat to safety. These represent two extremes and 1000s of daily arrests in America fall anywhere along a continuum of circumstances between the two.

Our evaluators are trained to accurately assess your situation using a fair, balanced and professional assessment process.

While completing an assessment does not guarantee an automatic license reinstatement with your DMV, it will provide you with an objective view of your use of the substance in question and answer the professional questions on your DMV paperwork. Our ultimate hope is for you to drive safely, responsibly and freely.

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License Reinstatement Evaluators

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