Painkiller Addiction in Columbus, Ohio

The misuse and abuse of commonly prescribed painkillers is skyrocketing in America.

Many patients do not realize that use of prescription painkillers for even relatively short periods of time (weeks) may cause physical dependence or addiction.

Likewise those obtaining them without a prescription for recreational use can easily slip from “having a good time” to a serious addiction where the painkiller is needed just to feel normal and to get through the day.


Daily users of painkillers or opiate based drugs will tell you that if they don’t have a morning dose by 10 or 11 am they begin to experience a number of very troubling symptoms:

  • Tremendous bone, joint and muscle aches
  • Profuse and spontaneous sweating
  • Chronic irritability
  • Runny nose
  • Shaky hands/tremors
  • Nauseous and/or other gastro-intestinal symptoms

Most individuals struggling with these symptoms find it difficult to work, attend school and get along with family members.

Life gets turned upside down.

While the path to becoming free from painkillers is not an easy one, it is absolutely possible.

Next Steps

We offer professional help for those who misuse or have become dependent on painkillers, regardless of whether it originated from prescription or non-prescription use.

If you are considering or are currently using alternative prescription medication to treat opiate and painkiller dependence we can also work with you.

Your prescribing physician should underscore how important it is to obtain high quality counseling and behavioral therapy while you are tapering your use.

Prescription medicines like Suboxone® may sometimes be helpful but can be tricky… you may feel so normal that you can be fooled into thinking that you don’t have personal work and changes to make.

Relapse rates for painkiller and opiate abuse are high. Unfortunately, this includes those who are using alternative prescriptions.

Our approach, in cooperation with your physician, can help you prepare and achieve a realistic tapering plan suited to your situation.

Getting free from painkillers is possible…and it is worth it. Call us to set up an initial consultation.  We would love to see you succeed.

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