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Parenting our children: one of the noblest and most challenging among all of life’s callings. Doing it well . . . that’s another matter, especially in the face of a complex culture, competing interests for your time, and a thousand potential land mines on your child’s road to adulthood.

Parenting Challenges

Pre-schoolers and toddlers

Time-outs vs. spanking vs. other forms of discipline; tantrums and whining; separation anxiety; potty training; daycare and babysitter issues.

School Age children

Public vs. private vs. home & online schooling, after-school care, growth and development issues, delayed learners, talented/gifted students.

Teens & Adolescents

Peer groups, identity and self-esteem issues, drugs, sexuality, dating, curfews, driving, college and job choices, school violence, self-destructive/self-harming behaviors

Challenging children of all ages

Those with ADHD; Tourettes disorder; fearful, sensitive, actively aggressive or angry children; Oppositional-defiant personality disorder or behavioral issues; conduct disorders; those with eating disorders (Anorexia or Bulimia) or who struggle with obesity.

Next Steps

We understand how difficult it is to raise emotionally healthy children in a fast-paced society that often has little regard for a child’s timing and development. We can help you, and your children, whatever your unique needs may be. Call us today at (614) 888-9200.

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