Relapse Prevention after Rehab:  Two Key Reflections for Young Adults and Their Families

Young adults considering 28 day rehab programs have a lot on their plate to consider, as do parents, supporting family members and friends. In addition to the emotional heartache, the financial expense, disruption to work-life and family dynamics, there is the looming question about relapse after returning home. Particularly common for young adults is a […]

Suicide Prevention Month

Among many other national observances, September marks National Blueberry Popsicle Month, National Library Card Sign Up Month, Save Your Photos Month, and National Sewing Month.  Perhaps more importantly, September is National Suicide Prevention Month.  We want to take this time to highlight some risk factors to consider and some warning signs to keep in mind. […]

What to Expect When You Need an Alcohol or Drug Assessment

If you are required by the court or advised by your attorney to get an alcohol or drug assessment it’s normal to experience anxiety.  A lot of questions can start popping up.  Who do I go to? What is this going to cost me? How do I know they will treat me fairly? Are they […]

The Significance of Safe Spaces

A therapeutic relationship with a counselor helps you navigate through difficult situations, instill hope in the darkest moments, and empower you to move forward into a new reality.              Have you ever had someone ask, “What’s there to be afraid of?”  You may wonder if that person is living in a […]

Thinking Like a Child

How did you communicate 10 years ago? How about when you were 4, 8 or 12 years old? For many of us, that would be a formidable journey down what may be a rocky memory lane.  In this article, Leslie Marshall shares information about the value of therapeutic place in a recent edition of The Table, A […]

Adult ADHD – what others see and what’s actually taking place

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) is one of the most prevalent and misunderstood conditions in the world, according to Sarah D. Wright, ADHD Awareness Month Coalition Chair. Directions Counseling Group has joined this education movement to create greater awareness and understanding about attention deficit disorder by preparing a short video entitled “Adult ADHD – what […]