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Sexual Abuse Recovery Columbus, Ohio

We regularly counsel adults who were sexually abused as children but may never have had the opportunity to talk about it and continue to suffer from the effects of it.  As well, we help those who have suffered sexual assault as an adult.

Survivors of abuse may view their body as not their own and respond by either allowing others to abuse them or by completely shutting off their God-given desire for sexual intimacy.


Other symptoms can often linger long after sexual abuse has occurred:

  • Sexual intimacy difficulties
  • Sexual addiction or promiscuity
  • Sexual aversion
  • An overwhelming sense of shame or guilt with normal sexual relationships
  • Problems accepting your femininity or masculinity
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Pattern of either pushing people away or allowing others in your life too quickly
  • A pervasive and chronic sense that God or important people in your life abandoned you

Next Steps

We have many experienced counselors who understand the sensitive and sometimes complex nature of this subject. They can help provide a safe place for you to identify and grieve your losses, recognize and replace harmful negative thought patterns, and establish better health in relationships.

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