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Anger Management

The term “anger management” may be relatively new in the scope of human history but the concept of controlling one’s anger toward a productive end is as old as Aristotle.  He is often quoted as saying, “Anyone can become angry, that is easy…but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way…this is not easy”.  Not easy for sure, but Aristotle sums up nicely the end goal of a successful anger management program.

Most individuals seeking our anger management services do so for the following reasons:
  • Court ordered after a DV, disorderly conduct, or similar legal charge
  • Attorney recommended to be proactive, settle, or dismiss a case
  • Employer requiring it after a workplace incident
  • Self-referral after an incident with spouse, partner or children
  • Couples seeking help to improve conflict resolution skills
We Provide the Following Anger Management Services:
  • Court accepted anger management assessments
  • Court approved anger management classes
  • Individual counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy for individual help with anger management
  • Couples counseling for high conflict relationships
  • Counseling for parents who want to improve parenting skills

If you are searching for help, whether it be due to a one-time incident, a court order, or a pattern of losing control we are here to listen, support and help you move ahead with your life.  You can call us today at 614-888-9200 to learn more about assessments, classes, and counseling or use the links below to learn more:

For assessments, click here: Anger Management Assessments

Click here to learn more about our 8 Week Anger Management Class

For Couples Dealing with Anger Problems

Anger Management For Kids

Anger Management Specialists:

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