Anger Management Assessments

If you have recently been involved in some type of conflict where police were called and an arrest was made, or you were involved in a workplace conflict, chances are good that you will be referred for an anger management assessment. In the majority of cases, the assessment is simply a part of an official due diligence process before closing a legal case or human resource matter. Regardless of the situation, we can provide you with an anger management assessment in a timely way, formatted for the court (or an employer). Our end goal is to help put the matter behind you. This may involve assisting you with helpful recommendations that are sensible, proven ways to manage anger. Most anger management assessments can be completed within one week of your contacting us. We also provide rush services for same and next-business-day needs.

Our anger management assessment process involves three steps.

  1. You complete a questionnaire designed to help your evaluator get a general idea of how you respond to everyday situations that might trigger irritation, frustration or anger.
  2. Our staff will schedule you to meet with an evaluator for a 45-60 minute interview.  This is generally done in-person if you live locally and can conveniently get to our offices. If not, we can discuss the option of doing your interview by telephone or webcam online.
  3. Your evaluator writes a professional report, which you review before releasing to the court or your employer.

 If you have a specific question about getting an employer or court accepted anger management assessment, or would like to a professional reference from a local attorney, legal or human resource professional, feel free to call (614-888-9200) or email us today ( Otherwise, you can learn more online or start an anger management assessment by following the link below.

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