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If your child is consistently having problems at school, relationships or at home you may have suspected ADD/ADHD. Specifically, you might notice a combination of the following symptoms:

  • often behind or under pressure in schoolwork
  • feeling inferior to peers
  • chronic disorganization
  • problems remembering simple things
  • poor grades
  • social isolation/rejection by peers
  • difficulty participating in group events or organized sports
  • anxiety or depression that comes from a compounding of these problems

An accurate diagnosis, a skilled counselor, good medical attention and patience are all critical to provide successful solutions to this problem.

Three Major Symptom Categories of ADD/ADHD

This is the most common symptom. In addition to having difficulty paying attention, people with this ADHD symptom often are unable to consistently focus, remember, and organize. They may be careless and have a hard time starting and completing tasks that are boring, repetitive, or challenging.

People who frequently act before thinking may not make sound judgments or solve problems well. They may also have trouble developing and maintaining personal relationships. An adult with severe ADD/ADHD may not keep the same job for long or may have great difficulty with impulse spending.

A hyperactive child may squirm, fidget, and climb or run when it is not appropriate. These children often have difficulty playing with others. They may talk a great deal and not be able to sit still for even a short time. Teenagers and adults who are hyperactive don’t usually have the more obvious physical behaviors seen in children. Rather, they often feel restless and fidgety, and are not able to enjoy reading or other quiet activities.

Strategies for treatment of ADD/ADHD may include one or a combination of the following:

  • behavioral or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • lifestyle changes
  • medications (stimulant and non-stimulant)
  • dietary changes

If your child is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD it is important to consider a commitment to treatment. Successful and lasting outcomes will make all the difference not only for your child but your family as a whole.

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