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Childhood Anxiety / Depression


Anxiety is one of the most common mood disorders among children and adolescents in the United States, affecting approximately one out of four children. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and can actually be beneficial in the right amounts. However, for many children, anxiety can become excessive. Just like adults, anxiety in children comes in a variety of forms, including:

    • Separation Anxiety
    • Social Anxiety
    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    • Panic Disorder
    • Specific Phobias
    • Food Allergies
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Children exhibit anxiety symptoms differently than adults and process the information in their world in a unique way. Some symptoms of anxiety in children might include:

    • Unusually disruptive behavior at home or school 
    • A drop in grades or effort with schoolwork
    • Difficulty in friendships
    • Tantrums or excessive anger at home
    • Avoidance of certain people or places

To treat children with anxiety effectively, we offer different approaches based on the child’s needs:

    • Education for parents

Our child therapy team is well equipped and ready to help you and your child develop a plan to alleviate anxiety symptoms in order to live life to its fullest.  


Many children and adolescents struggle with depression at some point in their lives, though many cases go undiagnosed or untreated. Depression in children can have devastating effects on a child’s behavior, school performance, friendships, and family life. Though some symptoms of depression in children and teens are similar to those of adults, they can also exhibit some unique characteristics. Some warning signs to look for in your child include:

    • Anger or irritability
    • Social withdrawal, including loss of interest in spending time with friends
    • Increased sensitivity to rejection
    • Changes in sleep habits or appetite
    • Outbursts, tantrums, or crying
    • Difficulty concentrating or falling grades
    • Low energy
    • Physical complaints, such as stomachaches and headaches
    • Self-injurious behaviors, such as cutting
    • Thoughts of death or suicide

If your child is experiencing some of these symptoms, there is help available. Our child and adolescent therapy team is available to work with children and parents on finding relief from depression.

If your child is experiencing any suicidal thoughts or impulses, please go to your nearest hospital emergency room or call Netcare Access at 614-276-2273.

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