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Behavioral/School Problems

As adults, we need to realize that life for a young person can feel just as stressful and complicated to them as one of our toughest days on the job, in the office, or when running the home.  All behavior has a story to tell that is behind the immediate crisis or conflict.
Signs and Symptoms that there is an “untold story” taking place:

  • Declining grades
  • Withdrawal and/or depression
  • Fights
  • Conflict with teachers/coaches/authority figures
  • Discovery of vaping/drugs/alcohol
  • High risk drug/alcohol or sexual behavior with peers
  • Sudden change of friends
  • Poor friendship choices
  • Skipping school/truancy
  • Decline in performance in other school activities

We believe that, for most kids, extended therapy and treatment are not necessary. However, both the child in crisis and the one having a chronic problem may benefit greatly from brief and focused treatment. Our licensed professional child counselors work regularly with pre-school through High School aged children.  Call today to learn more.

Behavioral Specialists:

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