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Sexual Abuse Recovery

Rarely is anything so upsetting as the news of a child being sexually abused. The emotional impact on victims and families is profound and lasting. Some describe sexual abuse as a “crime of the soul,” since it affects all aspects of a child’s emotional development. Being sexually abused as a child affects a child’s view of self, the world, others, and God. Whether the abuse was a brief incident or ongoing a child may develop the following misconceptions:

  • I am not safe
  • I have no rights
  • I am powerless to protect myself
  • I am unlovable if I’m not sexual
  • I can’t trust people
  • God is punishing me
  • Sex is “bad / dirty”

Directions Counseling Group counselors have specific training to help children of all ages begin to talk about what has happened to them. Our counselors are sensitive not to re-traumatize children who find it very hard to discuss what has happened to them. We use art therapy, play therapy, and various proven creative techniques to help children feel and know they are safe before discussing how they have been harmed, and then help to begin the healing process.

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