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Consultations & Interventions

Family Consultation Services

Family consultations and interventions are positive and solution-oriented services we offer to help families when one of their loved ones is struggling with an addiction, negative behavior, or other debilitating emotional condition that is ultimately affecting the whole family. Our therapists are trained and experienced in helping families with various addictions, eating disorders, problems with anger, impulse control, and more.

Our family consultation services consist of concerned family members (and closely involved individuals invited by the family) meeting with one of our therapists. The group can share their mutual concerns, receive feedback from the therapist regarding options to intervene, and begin planning a specific course of action that will move the individual and the family toward the first steps to hope and lasting change.

Intervention Services

A family consultation may lead to a formal intervention. This is usually most appropriate in life-threatening situations. In less severe circumstances a consultation may also lead to a modified or “open” intervention where the family group, after some brief planning and organization, invites the individual to meet with some or all of the group members for a direct conversation about the concerning behavior. In an open intervention the specific family member is not “tricked” into coming to a surprise meeting. This is based on our belief that the family has tremendous influence because of a multitude of ways they may support the person. Once a struggling person knows they may be jeopardizing their family support, we find that they will come to an initial meeting over 95% of the time – making it an equally effective intervention approach but without the “surprise” element.

Regardless of the approach decided upon by the family, there are three basic phases to an effective family intervention:

  • Initial assessment and planning which involves 1-3 sessions with a therapist
  • Intervention which involves one or more meetings with the loved one
  • On-going family consultation(s) as needed/desired by the family for guidance and support

In cases of a formal intervention with a family member entering inpatient, residential or intensive outpatient treatment, we provide the following services as needed:

  • Facility placement or referral for placement
  • Family follow-up services while family member is in treatment
  • Family follow-up and transition services after treatment
  • Outpatient transitional counseling as needed for any individual in the family

If you would like more information about how to proceed with a family consultation or intervention, call us today at 614.888.9200. You can also read more about the types of interventions we offer.

Consultation & Intervention Specialists: