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Family Therapy

Early family life for each of us is the “DNA” and framework that lays the foundation for the course of the rest of our lives. Family systems therapy is a discipline and art form that has the highest regard for this inherent power in the family dynamic.  In family therapy change takes place rapidly and often in unexpected but surprisingly pleasant ways.

Family therapy can be used in a wide variety of circumstances, but the following is a brief list of typical situations where we recommend it:

  • When a family member has died
  • When the family is being broken apart by chronic, unresolved conflict
  • When a teenager is “acting out” and typical course corrections aren’t working
  • When one member is struggling with a substance abuse problem or an addiction
  • When mental illness of one family member is profoundly impacting the others
  • When the family is adjusting to a difficult relocation, job loss/change, or other  temporary but significant circumstance

As you can imagine, assembling several family members in one room with an outside party to talk about the family “rules”, strengths, weaknesses or current problems – causes something deep to start taking place. The familiar patterns, which are often counterproductive or reinforcing the problem, begin to give way to the strengths that are emphasized by the family therapy process. We love to help families regain their balance, mature, and find ways to move past difficult problems.

Directions Counseling Group is pleased to offer professional family therapy services with trained and experienced family therapy specialists.

Family Therapy Specialists:

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