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The realities of modern-day dating: dating sites, dating apps, speed dating, social media dating status updates, ghosting – where does all this fit in with my Christian faith?

It may be hard to imagine, but successful dating – making a real connection with someone in pursuit of a lifelong relationship – is possible, even in today’s progressive dating scene.

If you are tired of the status quo and would like help navigating the complicated world of modern dating with confidence and purpose, we are here to help.

A dating coach can help you:

  • Assess and strengthen your positive thoughts and feelings of self-worth.
  • Set healthy emotional and physical boundaries with perspective dating partners.
  • Know how to quickly and confidently assess whether to go on that second date or pursue a different partner.
  • Identify and combat toxic dating behaviors.
  • Set realistic expectations when seeking a partner.
  • Identify your attachment style to help you understand your strengths and vulnerabilities in a relationship.
  • Promote emotional well-being and good self-care during seasons of singleness.
  • Live out your faith and values within the context of a dating relationship.

Call or contact us today to get started on a new and successful approach to finding a lasting, loving and faith-honoring relationship.

Dating/Relationship Coaches: