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Divorce & Separation Adjustment 

The end of any romantic relationship is usually traumatic to at least one of the parties involved. Regardless of the reason, it can profoundly impact a number of areas in a person’s life:

  • Emotional health
  • Physical health
  • Economic status
  • Spiritual well being
  • Career path
  • Future intimate relationships
  • Parenting

Emotional turmoil can come in the form of depression, anxiety, anger, and can eventually lead to physical health issues. Often under this kind of stress, regrettable decisions can be made regarding one’s children, finances or new romantic relationships. Many people who think they would not risk getting into another intimate relationship soon find themselves in a new romance in spite of cautions by friends, family and experts.

During the bleak period following the ending of a relationship you should be aware that there are things you can do to take care of yourself, recover and enjoy life again.  In fact, we believe if you will look at this difficult time as an opportunity for growth, you can become much healthier on many levels and be better prepared to succeed in future romantic relationships.  However, we don’t believe personal growth and health are a spontaneously occurring event. Honesty about one’s weaknesses and contributions to the problem areas of the relationship, personal reflection, time alone and simply time, are critical elements in finding balance and greater capacity for healthy relationships.

Other things may be accomplished in professional counseling, including:

  • Understanding what went wrong in the marriage
  • Grieve losses while avoiding depression
  • Avoid common mistakes with children
  • Strengthening the relational bond with children
  • Learn to cope with financial changes
  • Plan and re-build a new lifestyle
  • Avoid destructive thought patterns or bitterness
  • Strengthen your spiritual life & relationship with God

Directions Counseling Group counselors have helped thousands of individuals from various backgrounds move toward a fuller and healthier life after the end of a marriage or significant relationship.   Call and we will be happy to find a counselor suited to your situation.

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