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Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling – some view it as the beginning of the end; others see it as an opportunity to strengthen their relationship.  Our hope is that people enter counseling when they are ready to work on a solution to a problem; whether that involves a plateau in the relationship or recovery from a deep wound. 

When a couple experiences any of the following issues, we are eager to help.

  • If negative communication becomes the standard.  This may involve verbal communication such as name calling or criticizing, or non-verbal communication such as abandonment or neglect. 
  • If there is emotional or physical infidelity.  Recovery from an affair is challenging, even with professional help, yet it is possible to develop a healthier relationship through the restoration phase.
  • When the couple is trying to survive versus thrive the marriage can turn into two adults coexisting without intimacy.
  • When values and beliefs begin to impact the marriage covenant.  Identifying commonalities in light of differences can be a significant challenge and may require new perspectives or thought processes.

Marriage counseling can help a couple come together to make thoughtful decisions and consider new perspectives.  We teach couples how to:

  • Make requests and complaints without criticizing;
  • Improve listening skills and still feel heard;
  • Take responsibility for behaviors and make amends;
  • Apply forgiveness skills while having effective boundaries.

Counseling helps by identifying healthy and unhealthy patterns of behavior, improving communication skills, and making a dedicated, ongoing effort to improve one’s self for the good of the relationship. Call today to learn more about how marriage counseling can improve your relationship.

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