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Every year thousands of Central Ohioans have legal, workplace, or school violations that involve use of alcohol or a drug. While a violation by itself may not be a sign of a true substance abuse problem – the court, employer or school will often want a professional alcohol assessment or a drug and alcohol assessment as part of their screening process. If this applies to you, we can provide you with a fair alcohol and/or drug assessment in a professional and timely manner. Most appointments can be scheduled and a report provided within 5 business days.  Rush order services are also available upon request for same day and 24 hour service.

Common Reasons for an Evaluation:

  • After a DUI/legal  charge
  • Positive drug screen at work
  • For DMV/BMV license reinstatement
  • School drug/alcohol rule violation
  • Physician requested alcohol assessment
  • DOT/SAP/safety-sensitive employee violation

You are welcome to call us for professional references. There are numerous legal firms, court representatives and mental health professionals who are aware of the quality and timely service we provide. We would be happy to put you in touch with them.

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Get Answers to Common Questions

How Do I Know The Assessment Will Be Accepted?

Brian talks about what courts, employers, and various authorities look for to consider an assessment legitimate and acceptable.

What’s The Process?

Tessa gives a succinct overview of the assessment process from start to finish.

Will Our Assessment Obligate You for More Services With Us?

CEO Brian Davis explains that New Directions is an independent assessment service that does not obligate customers to further services and costs. Ths is an important consideration when comparing “low cost” assessments provided at some treatment centers.

What’s The Cost?

This video covers the basics of assessment costs with our service. How much, where to find cost info on the website, rush order fees, and some discussion about what you get for your money.

FAQs About Online Alcohol & Drug Assessments/Evaluations

Online assessments involve the same screening process as an in-person assessment. The 2 main differences are: 1) an online assessment saves time as you enter all of your information into your secure account online – eliminating travel and reducing in-office paperwork, and; 2) your interview is conducted via webcam or telephone.
Otherwise the finished product is the same – with the outcome being a professional report  you can view, print, download or email to a third party when you are ready to.

Online assessments/ evaluations are priced the same online as they are in-person. You can call our office at 614-888-9200 or visit to check pricing for most of our assessments.

While we prefer to use a webcam for your interview, most courts and employers will accept a clinical interview done over the phone.

In most cases, courts and employers will accept an assessment done by phone if the reporting quality is high. Our reports are consistently accepted in almost all cases for this reason. If a concern exists about this please call our office to discuss it further.  We would be glad to speak with courts and employers before providing your assessment if necessary.

We find that over 99% of our online assessments are accepted as courts and employers are becoming accustomed to seeing high quality professional assessments done online. Report readers know immediately if they are reading a professional report. A professional assessment procedure includes use of the DSM-5, is performed by a licensed person, involves the use of standard screening instruments and collateral information in certain cases. There are some exceptions: CDL holders, safety-sensitive workers under DOT guidelines, aviation professionals, and persons seeking an assessment for some select state DMVs need to have their evaluations completed in-person.

FAQs About In-Person Assessments/Evaluations

A typical assessment interview requires 15-25 minutes of questionnaire completion and a 40-50 minute interview. We will have a report ready for you within 48 hours –72 hours, or sooner if you are placing a rush order. In rare cases where the requesting party requires extensive reporting and/or gathering information for verification from third parties your service may require additional time. If a concern exists we can provide you with a completion time frame before you begin the process.

Many people come to us after an incident occurs; however, the incident does not represent a pattern of problem substance use. Your evaluator will provide an objective opinion about whether they believe a problem exists and what steps are recommended if there is a concern or diagnosis.

The assessment report is yours and you decide whether or not to release it to any authorities. If you disagree with the outcome you may choose to seek additional evaluation elsewhere.

Call our office at 614-888-9200 to speak with a Client Relationship Coordinator for more information or to schedule an alcohol or drug assessment right away. You may also visit to proceed with an assessment today.

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