A man in distress, seeking solace through stress management therapy services in Columbus, Ohio.

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Stress Management Therapy in Columbus, Ohio

In healthy doses, stress can be a good thing. Moderate stress can propel us to set goals and work harder. On the other hand, if our stress exceeds our ability to cope, it can rob us of health, happiness, and pleasure.

During these ‘unprecedented times’ children are home due to school closings, unemployment is skyrocketing, and political unrest is unavoidable as we watch TV or scroll through social media… the days seem very long and the end seems to be no where in sight. Some relationships are hanging on by a thread.

Recent statistics show that job related stressors can actually place some people at as great a risk for heart disease as that of cigarette smokers and those with high serum cholesterol. Stress in the work-place contributes to low morale, increased use of sick or mental health days, and reduced job performance.