A counselor attentively supports an individual coping with substance abuse during a drug and alcohol counseling session in Columbus, Ohio.

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Drug and Alcohol Counseling Columbus Ohio

We believe that there are a wide variety of complex issues to consider when it comes to substance use, abuse, diagnosis, and treatment. Each individual situation needs to be carefully reviewed by a skilled professional before concluding what course of action is appropriate. When treatment is needed, one-to-one counseling can play a vital role at different points in the process of regaining a sober life.

When to Consider Substance Abuse Counseling

You may want to consider the use of outpatient individual counseling if:

  • Attempts at “rehab,” intensive outpatient, or inpatient treatment have not worked
  • You have great difficulty attending or agreeing with 12 Step meeting philosophy
  • You do not want to stop the use of any particular substance at this time, but do wish to reduce use or high risk/harmful behaviors involving use
  • You would like to explore issues that may be contributing to your use
  • You are using Suboxone therapy to stop using painkillers
  • Group treatment has left you with empty clichés and ideas that have not worked
  • You are looking for professional support for relapse prevention
  • You wonder if you are seeing some early signs of a substance abuse problem

While abstinence is certainly an option at all times and for some absolutely necessary, we recognize that each person and situation is unique. For many, decreased use and harm/risk reduction are worthy goals.

We also realize that true and lasting change occurs in stages. Your readiness to change and internal motivation are critical.

We will work with you regardless of whether your current motivation is high, feels almost non-existent, or it varies greatly from day to day. Change is possible.