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Therapy for Singles in Columbus Ohio

The path of singleness can be one of a great adventure. It may also bring emotional challenges that can impact various areas of an individual’s life. Whether single by choice, not having met “the one,” or single again due to the breakup of a relationship, there are things you can do to develop a sense of confidence and security on your life path.

Professional counseling can be a venue for a variety of discussions, including:

  • Openly and honestly expressing your feelings concerning areas of the single life that are difficult for you.
  • Grieving the relationship losses you may have already experienced.
  • Avoiding future relationship pitfalls.
  • Learning to cope with financial challenges.
  • Planning and building a meaningful single lifestyle.
  • Avoiding negative and destructive thought patterns.
  • Developing an improved self-esteem.
  • Strengthening your spiritual identity and deepening your relationship with God.

Our counselors have helped many individuals move toward a fuller and healthier life as a single or single again adult. Call today to learn how you can embrace this part of your life.

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