Womens Workshop

3C Workshop for Women

Helping you gain CLARITY in your personal values, develop the CONFIDENCE to make tough decisions, and cultivate CONTENTMENT in everyday life.

This workshop encompasses various components aimed at empowering women to identify their top five personal values, acknowledge their strengths and challenges, and explore strategies for fostering community connections based on this self-awareness. Additionally, we dive into recognizing and defining one’s current life stage, equipping you to plan, set goals, and establish healthy boundaries.

Gain Clarity in Your Personal Values

First, learn the power of self awareness by identifying what matters most to you.  Take this dedicated and focused time to dive deep and explore your authentic self.

Develop Confidence in Decision Making

Next, by knowing your personal values, you make aligned decisions toward the goal of contentment and success.  When you know what matters, you are able to make the best YES.

Cultivate Contentment in Everyday Life

Moving forward, every day no matter the challenge, you have the tools and skills to thrive confidently.


Upon completion, each participant will be equipped with:

  • Their top 5 values
  • Goal-setting worksheet
  • Resources for community engagement
  • Enhanced prioritization skills
  • Introduction to mindfulness

Date: Sunday, August 28, 2024
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Directions Counseling & Coaching, 1480 Manning Pkwy, Powell, OH 43065

Cost: $80

Meg Kelvington

About Your Facilitator

Coach Meg, a former Army pilot deployed to Afghanistan, now draws on her leadership experience to empower others through fitness and life coaching. As an Army Wife and mother of four, she instills resilience and resourcefulness in her clients, blending her military upbringing with her passion for holistic wellness. With degrees from West Point and Liberty University, Meg’s expertise as a certified personal trainer and Army Master Resilience Trainer inspires others to thrive. Alongside her husband, Mike, and their four children, Meg embodies the values of service and strength in every aspect of life.