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Women’s Sexual Issues

Nothing feels quite as private or embarrassing as having to face a sexual problem.  For women, sexuality is intimately connected to the essence of their femininity, and yet many women have never experienced a healthy view of either their sexuality or their femininity.  This can lead to feelings of inadequacy, shame and confusion.

Common Struggles

Our counselors frequently see women who struggle with these issues

  • Believing that normal sexual relations within marriage are dirty or disgusting
  • Being preoccupied with sexual thoughts and urges to the point that it interferes with healthy relationships or with normal responsibilities
  • Having sexual attractions that are bothersome and feel abnormal

Many times, sexual dysfunction can result from things that happened earlier in life including but not limited to

  • Witnessing unhealthy sexual behaviors in others including parents, other family or friends
  • Being sexually assaulted or feeling coerced into sexual behavior without being emotionally ready to participate in a sexual relationship
  • Never having discussed what healthy sexuality is or being taught (either overtly or covertly) that sex is “bad” or “dirty”

Next Steps

Our counselors understand that it is difficult to talk with someone about these very private issues; it takes courage.  Talking is the first step to developing a healthy, wholesome sexual relationship and improving your view of yourself and others.

Our experienced counselors will sensitively and respectfully provide a safe place where you can reflect, heal and begin to feel whole as a woman in this very personal area of your life.

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